ÆSilver Pro



Main Features:

  • Best for Wholesalers/Traders with Stock Maintenance
  • Customer wise and Supplier wise Wastage and Labor Rate Settings
  • Sales Bill Entry with live Display of Customer Balance, Customer’s Recent Transactions, Last Sale of the Item to the Customer as well as available Stock in various Touch
  • Purchase Bill Entry with live Display of Supplier Balance, Supplier’s Recent Transactions, Last Purchase of the Item from the Supplier
  • Labor Calculation based on Net Weight or Pc/Pair/Set
  • Item wise Extra Charge Entries for Diamond/Vibrator
  • Receipt of Fine, Cash, Rate Cut also available in a single screen of the Sale and Purchase Bill to ease Cash/Partial Payment
  • Entries for Sales Return, Purchase Return, Stock Reconciliation
  • Entries for Issue/Receipt of Fine, Roopu, Rate Cut and Cash in a single screen
  • Widgets to show various summaries like Account Detail, Today’s Sales & Purchase Bill, Today’s Receipt and Issue of Fine, Roopu, Rate Cut, etc.
  • Widget to ease initiation of entry of New Sales Bill, Purchase, Payment (Issue), Receipt, Rate Cut, Fine, Roopu, Cash as well to Print Account Statement of Any Party
  • Automatic Maintenance of Customer Accounts, Cash Book, Ornament Book, Metal Book, Sales Register, Purchase Register, Item Register, etc.
  • Automatic Stock Maintenance with Stock Summary Widget
  • Item wise Profit Report
  • Customer wise Series of Each Voucher
  • Unique way of Sales Bill Printing to Reconcile Customer’s Account
  • Unique Due List and Auto-Reminder for Pending Dues
  • Facility to Clear or Carry Forward Accounts
  • Best Security of your data in all aspects
  • Free Service and Updates for 1 year
  • Free training (4 hrs)

Available Versions:

  • Windows Application Offline
  • Windows Application Online