ÆHotTaste is a complete solution for hotels & restaurant business. All the facilities related to a hotel and/or a restaurant is been included in this generalized software. The application is includes billing and expense vouchers including Room Tariff, Luxurious Tax, Room Services, Food and Beverages, Laundry, Telephone Bills, Conference Hall Bills, Car-Hire (Transportation) Bills, Paid-out Bills, Advance Booking, Deposit Receipt, Room-Shifting, Occupancy Change, Statutory Forms and many more facilities for a Hotel.

The restaurant module provides billing with KOT management. It will allow user to handle multiple tables simultaneously. It also provides auto-stock maintenance, recipe management, purchase, kitchen issue and many more robust and easy to use facilities in restaurant module.

Both, Hotel and Restaurant Modules are also available separately and can be customized as per buyers’ requirement.

Some of our valued clients are:

Aavakar Restaurant, Rajkot
Bhagwati Fast Food, Rajkot
Bhagwati Food Zone, Rajkot
Bhagwati Sendwich, Rajkot
Garden Club Hotel & Restaurant, Rajkot
Ghanteshwar Park, Rajkot
Green Leaf Club, Rajkot
Hot & More Restaurant, Rajkot
Hotel Adarsh, Morbi
Hotel Apaar, Div
Hotel Evergrand, Rajkot
Hotel Evershine, Rajkot
Hotel Everstar, Rajkot
Hotel Kavery, Porbandar
Hotel KK, Rajkot
Hotel Natraj, Porbandar
Hotel Ocean, Mandvi
Hotel Upasana, Rajkot
KKrunchy Republic, Rajkot
Meet Restaurant, Rajkot
Moris Fast Food, Rajkot
Raju Paubhaji, Rajkot
Royal Garden Restaurant, Rwanda, Africa
Ruchee Restaurant, Morbi
Saffron Restaurant, Porbandar
Sagun Restaurant, Morbi
Season’s Café, Vadodara
Shri Bhagwati Parcel Service, Rajkot
Shreejee Prashadam, Swaminarayan Gurukul, Rajkot
Siddhi Restaurant, Porbandar
Sonali Paubhaji, Rajkot
Swad-Pakwan, Rajkot
Tomato’s, Rajkot